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Our Candidates

2022 General

Candidate Information can be found at the Secretary of State’s Website. Once there click “county”, then choose Kanawha for the City of Charleston & County Clerk. Other Resources: Kanawha County Election Center and the Charleston Election Updates Candidate Listing.


US House of Representatives District 1

Carol Miller

Congresswoman Carol Miller represents West Virginia’s Third Congressional District. Miller serves on the Committee on Ways and Means.

Miller’s focus in Congress is creating jobs, diversifying the economy, innovating and improving infrastructure, protecting America’s borders, and supporting West Virginia’s energy industries like coal, oil, and gas.

Prior to her election to Congress in 2018, Congresswoman Miller served in the West Virginia House of Delegates from 2006 to 2017 where she rose to become the first female Majority Whip. In addition to her public service, Carol is active in her community and is a former member of the Women’s Heart Advisory Board, St. Mary’s Regional Heart Institute, Marshall University Society of Yeager Scholars, West Virginia Commission for the Arts, and Lily’s Place, as well as many other organizations.

A mother of two and grandmother of six, Carol Miller is married to her husband Matt, and lives in Huntington, where she owns and operates Swann Ridge Bison Farm and manages real estate. Miller was born in Columbus, Ohio and is the daughter of Congressman Samuel L. Devine and Betty Devine.

WV Senate District 17

Tom Takubo

WV Senate District 8

Mark Hunt

My name is Mark Hunt, I’m your Republican nominee for State Senate 8. I’m a lifelong resident of Kanawha County. I’ve been married 25 to Tracy Conard Hunt and we have had three boys together. I served 14 years in the House of Delegates from 3 different districts. I’ve been a practicing Attorney for 28 years.

Website: https://votemarkhunt.com/

Mark A. Hunt, Esq.

WV Senate District 7

Mike Stuart

I’ve already been endorsed by President Trump—
as his personal pick for United States Attorney
with the support of Senators Manchin & Capito.

February 17, 2022

I was blessed to have the honor of serving as the Presidentially-nominated and United States Senate-confirmed United States Attorney for the Southern District of West Virginia for nearly four years. It was a tremendous honor to serve as the highest-ranking federal law enforcement officer in southern West Virginia but it was an even greater honor to serve the people of West Virginia. I want to continue to serve albeit in a different capacity.

I just announced my run for the West Virginia State Senate, 7th District. I am writing because I want your support. We need people like me in elective office. Campaigns are expensive and, whether we like it or not, money is often the deciding factor in winning or losing. I need your maximum support- in the primary and in the general election. The fact is that after the primary, you cannot get another ‘bite at the apple.’ If you care about critical issues important to the future of West Virginia, I need your maximum support now.

If I make it through the primary this year, my opponent will be a 16-year, career politician that has been reelected over and over and over and over again. One thing is certain –the liberal special interests will open their deep pockets to help re-elect him. The bad news for my opponent? They’ve never fought someone like me.

The simple fact of the matter is that Republicans have a veto-proof massive majority in the State Senate and the House of Delegates. After the 2022 General Election, those Republican majorities are almost certain to grow. The 16-year career politician will have no voice and no impact on anything that happens in the Senate. He certainly won’t be able to influence the decision makers in the State Senate. Alternatively, there is no question that if I am elected, I will play a major role in crafting and passing the legislation that will impact the State of West Virginia and its people for many years to come. Facts are stubborn things. This is just a fact.
All of this begs one simple question- do you want to support someone who has a strong voice at the table when big impactful decisions are being made or, alternatively, is that not important to you and your stakeholders? The answer is not one of ideology or philosophy or preference. The answer is common sense.

I’ve already been endorsed by President Trump- as his personal pick for United States Attorney, the highest-ranking federal law enforcement official in the judicial district. I am proud that I was personally chosen as the United States Attorney by President Trump, confirmed by the United States Senate including with the support of Senator Manchin and Senator Capito, and served as a member of the Trump Administration.

I was a strong and effective United States Attorney. I broke records. I rebuilt the operations. I aggressively attacked corruption including the historic prosecution of two of the five members of the West Virginia Supreme Court; the largest drug bust in the history of West Virginia; the largest elder fraud takedown in WV history; the largest methamphetamine takedown in West Virginia or Ohio history; and a focus on domestic violence and elder fraud. I reasserted a focus on the rule of law. And I always, always, always “Backed the Blue.” I even proposed the “Back the Blue” license plate and, after it was approved by the Legislature, I was honored by law enforcement with Back the Blue license plate number “0001.”

I may have left the role of being the United States Attorney, but it will never leave me. To this day, I carry in my pocket a wallet filled with the beautiful faces of the victims of the opiate scourge. It is those pictures that haunt me in the silence of the night. It is those pictures that motivate me each day to continue the fight.

I’m not wealthy and wasn’t born with a famous last name. My story could easily be titled, “From a Holler in Barbour County.” I learned everything I needed to know in that holler- faith, the importance of family, character, the value of hard work and public service, “a penny saved is a penny earned”, and a love of America and West Virginia. I grew up with the three “R’s”- reading, writing and a roadmap to Akron. As I grew older, Akron was replaced with Charlotte but the story was the same.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s house. They lived in a little white house with a tin roof in that holler in Barbour County. From the front porch, I could look across at the old coal tipple on top of the ridge and, at the base of the hill, was a creek that ran rusty orange from acid mine drainage. Grandma Opal and Grandpa Bud had well water but it was polluted from the sulfur of the creek. I still remember the gallon jugs of clean water that lined the floor for drinking and cooking but they still bathed and washed clothes in the water from the well. I never once heard Grandma Opal or Grandpa Bud complain.

The son and grandson of coal miners and the first in my family to go to college, I loved staying at Opal and Bud’s house. They didn’t have much but their home was always filled with a lot of love and a lively debate- typically about politics. I remember Grandpa Bud had an old recliner that sat next to the coal burning fireplace and on the mantle was a bust of John Kennedy. You could touch anything you wanted in that house but, if you touched the bust of John Kennedy, the hot fire poker from the coal burning fireplace was coming after you. Literally coming for you. Trust me, it happened more than once.

I spent my life with people telling me what I couldn’t do- “you can’t go to college; you can’t grow up the be the Chair of the State Republican Party; you can’t Chair a future American President’s statewide campaign; you can’t be an accountant or an attorney or, for goodness sakes, the United States Attorney; you can’t make a difference and you definitely can’t change West Virginia.” Well, I like proving people wrong. I did and am doing all those things.

I’m a guy that’s had to fight and hustle for every opportunity along my path. I’ve always been the underdog, underestimated and overlooked. Like many of you, I’ve had my share of “wins” and “losses” and I’ve sometimes struggled in the journey. I’ve done everything from shoveling horse manure at a horse farm to waiting tables. I’ve been a paper boy, a hamburger flipper, a ventilation duct installer, a construction worker, a suit salesman, a bartender, an accountant for one of the largest accounting firms in the world, a lawyer for some of the nation’s best firms, and an advisor to Senators and Governors. In the words of the FBI Agent conducting my background check to become the United States Attorney, “It is the longest employment history I’ve ever seen.” I wouldn’t change one thing. My journey built character, passion, drive and determination.

Like my performance as the United States Attorney, I will be a strong and effective State Senator. I will always respect differences of opinion, encourage free and broad debate, and be open to new ideas and new solutions. I will always work with a sense of urgency- our good people deserve nothing less. My door will always be open to you.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to give me your ideas or to just touch base. My personal cell phone number is 304.553.1084. You should feel free to call me anytime.

I’m proud to be “from a holler in Barbour County.” I desperately love the people of my District and West Virginia. I’m passionate about our ability to build a better future for the people of the 7th Senate District and all West Virginians.

WV House of Delegates District 52

Greg Hendricks

I am Greg Hendricks a life long resident of district 52. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for over 38 years. I have raised 2 daughters in public education in eastern Kanawha county. I have 2 grandsons. I reside in Chesapeake.

I have served the town of Chesapeake as town council and town recorder in the past. I am active in Winifrede Presbyterian church.

I’m looking to serve as a West Virginia legislator to bring a conservative vote from district 52. And to better represent the eastern Kanawha county residents.

Greg Hendricks
121 MacArthur Ave
Chesapeake Wv 25315
Email: gahendricks3@gmail.com
Phone: 304-421-5895

WV House of Delegates District 53

Chris Pritt

WV House of Delegates District 54

John Luoni

129 Swarthmore Ave
Charleston, WV  25302
Email:  jaluoni24@aol.com
Phone:  304-546-0198

I am a lifelong Kanawha County resident.  I graduated from Stonewall Jackson High School on the West Side of Charleston and received a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech.  In my career as a licensed registered Professional Engineer, I have worked in the chemical industry for both DuPont and Union Carbide, in the coal industry for Pritchard Mining, and I have served as County Engineer for the last 17 years for the Kanawha County Planning and Development Office.  

Here are some of my key political positions:  

I will strongly support Republican efforts to lower taxes and make West Virginia more welcoming for business and people wanting a safe place to raise a family.  I will work hard to make West Virginia a great place to live and work. 

I am strongly opposed to government mandates.  I believe these mandates are unconstitutional as well.

I support the Second Amendment.  I will oppose all Democrat efforts to blame guns for the high crime rates.  I will support legislation designed to keep dangerous, violent criminals behind bars, instead of getting a slap on the wrist from weak liberal Democrat judges.  

I will continue to support parents’ rights to choose a private school or home-schooling and assist them in paying for these costs.  This will allow parents of modest income to take advantage of these education options.

I support legislation designed to rid our communities from these unsanitary and filthy homeless encampments, and keep them miles away from our children and their schools, and away from churches and thriving neighborhoods.

I strongly support the First Amendment.  I will stand up to all the efforts by the Democrats to censor conservatives and conservative media.  I will also stand up to their efforts to punish and outlaw religious groups.  

I support Republican efforts to outlaw the Critical Race Theory.  Democrats promote the Critical Race Theory and other identity politics techniques, which in turn, have caused an un-American division of the races that accomplishes nothing and leads to strife and high crime.  


WV House of Delegates District 55

Moore Capito

WV House of Delegates District 56

Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson is an entrepreneur, businessman, father, and lifelong West Virginian. Born and raised in Cross Lanes, Andrew is a proud Appalachian and grew up appreciating West Virginia values. Educated in the Kanawha County public school system, Andrew went on to attend West Virginia University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.

Andrew has nearly 20 years of diverse business and industry experience in manufacturing, energy, and banking. He is passionate about creating an economic environment that enables his children and future generations of West Virginians to live and work in the Mountain State for decades to come. 

Andrew began his career at NGK Spark Plugs in Sissonville, WV. He then moved to Cincinnati, OH where he served as a Project Manager at Toyota North America for more than four years and earned a certification in Toyota Business Practice. His love of the Mountain State and value of being close to family brought him home and he has worked in West Virginia for the past ten years.

Andrew currently serves as a Business Development Officer for Cooperative Business Services. He is responsible for helping businesses throughout West Virginia secure commercial loan financing in partnership with local credit unions.

Andrew and his wife, Kristin, are the proud parents of four children – Brooks (6), Cora (4) and twins, Christian and Ford (2). He is a member of River Ridge church in Charleston and an avid outdoorsman. His favorite pastime is coaching his kids’ little league baseball teams.  



WV House of Delegates District 57

Ernest Blevins

I was born and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I’ve lived in Villa Rica, Georgia for about 13 years before moving to Charleston, West Virginia. We have owned our house in the Vandalia neighborhood of Charleston since April 2015 and we frequent businesses in Charleston, South Charleston, and Dunbar. We moved here by choice and are staying here by choice.

My first political campaign was in high school volunteering for Bill Workman for Congress — sadly he did not win the election. I was conservative and Republican then and remain so.

This May my wife, Lisa, and I will be married 21 years. We have six children, oldest two are girls and other four are boys, from 10 to 20.

I have undergraduate degrees in Studio Art and Anthropology with minors in music and history from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. I earned my Master of Fine Arts in Historic Preservation from Savannah College of Art & Design along with a Certificate in Public History from the University of West Georgia., I’m pursuing a Ph.D. in History though the online program at Liberty University as much for personal accomplishment as for professional advancement.

I formally worked for the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office, but now work for Weller & Associates, a cultural resource management firm, doing architectural history and archaeology. My other past career is technical theatre and stage work on and off for about 20 years. This gives me some insights from issues with state employees to the arts to preservation of our history and cultural resources.

I also enjoy photography (often of historic places and a lot with work), genealogy, reading history and fiction (well now I often listen to fiction on audio books while driving).

My positions on issues appear on my website.

Campaign Phone 304-964-1069

campaign webpage http://electblevins.com

campaign email ernest@electblevins.com

Facebook @electernestblevins

WV House of Delegates District 58

Walter Hall

Dear Family and Friends,

My commitment to helping others and serving my community was instilled in me by my late parents, Barbara and Kyle, at an early age. This passion for serving others through my love of community has led me to a decision to file my candidacy for the West Virginia House of Delegates, District 58. The Primary Election will be held on May 10, followed by the General Election on November 8.

My leadership as Saint Albans Vice-Mayor, Saint Albans Councilman-At-Large, Saint Albans MUC Board Member and Commissioner, Saint Albans Finance Committee, Saint Albans Rotary Past-President and Past-Assistant District Governor, Saint Albans Chamber of Commerce Member, 25177 Foundation President, as well as my chosen profession as an Insurance Agent, has provided me with the experience and skills to be an effective Delegate in the newly-formed District 58.

To be successful in this endeavor, I am putting my energy into running a strong campaign. With banners, flyers, yard signs, radio spots, and a website I cannot do it alone. I am humbly asking for your support. Please get involved in my campaign and help me make a difference in the communities of West Dunbar, Institute, East Nitro and Saint Albans. Building stronger communities is my goal!

Thank you deeply for your support. Sue and I are grateful for your encouragement, and blessed by your friendship.  

Sincerely yours,

Walter Hall


P.O. Box 1201
Saint Albans, WV 25177
Phone: 304-552-6547
Email: info@walterhallwv.com

WV House of Delegates District 59

Andy Shamblin

Andy Shamblin is a lifelong registered Republican and Nitro Resident. He has spent seven years teaching AP US Government and Civics at Nitro High School. Andy is passionate about preserving our history and informing his students about the importance of understanding and learning from it.

He has also served the citizens of Nitro for ten years on the Nitro City Council; having been initially elected in 2012 at the age of 21.

In addition to his city council tenure, Andy served on the Nitro Development Authority and is currently a member of the Supervisory Committee which oversees Peoples Federal Credit Union.

Andy considers himself a Christian and is blessed to serve as the Minister of the Nitro Church of Christ.

As the campaign for District 59 begins, Andy looks forward to meeting voters in his district and learning what issues they are most concerned about.

Andy’s guiding philosophy has always been to apply common sense conservative values to tackle the problems we are facing.

To Contact Andy:
On Facebook: Andy For House

To Contribute Make Checks Payable To:
Friends To Elect Andy Shamblin
103 Brookhaven Drive
Nitro WV, 25143

WV House of Delegates District 60

Dana Ferrell

WV House of Delegates District 61

Warren Dean Jeffries

Kanawha County Clerk

Vera McCormick

Charleston City Council At Large

Mark Sadd

Lived in Charleston’s East End for nearly 30 years.

Practiced law for 30 years; Managing Member of  Lewis Glasser PLLC

Served at large Charleston’s city council from 2003 through 2007

Finance, Parks and Urban Renewal committees and led the creation of the Downtown Charleston Historic District and the city’s Historic Landmarks Commission and helped lead advocacy for the location of two new elementary schools for the West Side

Co-founded West Virginia Neighborhood Association in the 1990s

Chaired the Charleston Human Rights Commission from 1996 through 2000

In 2005, President George Bush appointed me to serve the first of two-four-year terms on the U.S. Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

I’ve served on the boards of

  • Charleston Catholic High School
  • Preservation Alliance of West Virginia, Inc.
  • American Red Cross
  • Junior Achievement of West Virginia
  • Charleston Light Opera Guild
  • West Virginia Chamber of Commerce

Drafted the state’s residential historic rehabilitation tax credit program and drafted and lobbied for the expansion of the state’s commercial historical rehabilitation tax credit program

Extensive experience in land use and planning, finance, building codes, municipal law, community development, and economic development

With brothers Chris and Steve Sadd, create affordable housing throughout West Virginia, including nearly 100 units in Charleston.

Extensive knowledge of the tools of public and private investment

Larry Malone

Larry Malone is owner of Malone Consulting Services in Charleston, W.Va. Over the past 35 years he has held a number of leadership roles both in the private sector and the public sector. Most recently he was the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Community Development.

Malone has an extensive background in a variety of key policy matters: energy, workforce, education, economic development, health care, infrastructure, housing, broadband and transportation. Malone was an elected member of the Charleston City Council from 1995-99, where he served on the Finance and Public Safety Committees.

Malone also has provided his time and energy to a number of stakeholder and non-profit initiatives, including cybersecurity workforce development, telehealth advancement, broadband expansion, transportation infrastructure and small business development. Malone has a B.S. in Journalism from West Virginia University.

Larry Malone
Facebook: Larry Malone

Courtney Persinger

John Bsharah

Charleston City Council Ward 2

Jay (Doug) Hughart

Charleston City Council Ward 11

Patty DeLuca

Charleston City Council Ward 13

Frank Annie

Charleston City Council Ward 14

Ashley Switzer

Charleston City Council Ward 15

Harper Gardner

Charleston City Council Ward 16

John Gianola

Charleston City Council Ward 18

Pam Burka

Charleston City Council Ward 19

Brent Burton

Brent J. Burton, CWCC

Executive Vice President
Commercial Lines Consultant / Public Sector Divisions

Areas of Focus

  • Financial Institutions
  • Public Sector
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas


  • One year training in our Commercial Risk Management Division
  • One year Teaching/Servicing Large Accounts Loss Control
  • Seventeen years Consulting with and Placing Insurance and Alternative Risk Solutions for Large Commercial Accounts

Key Projects

  • Community Bankers of West Virginia (Insurance Program)

Credentials, Education

  • Sitting member of the Charleston City Council (2011-2022)
  • Sitting member of the Charleston City Council, Finance Committee (2015-2022)
  • Chairman of Urban Renewal and Financial Development Committees (2019-2022) ● Taken all CE courses as required by State Licensing through ICO
  • Credentialed by Hartford Insurance Advanced School of Insurance (CLCS)
  • BSBA in Business Administration from WVU Business School
  • Certified Workers’ Compensation Counselor (CWCC)
  • Former Baseball Coach for John Adams Middle School
  • Baseball Coach for Charleston Central Little League
  • Sitting Board Member of the Charleston Regatta Inc.

Charleston City Council Ward 20

Joey Spano

Joey Spano is a candidate for Charleston City Council Ward 20. I am a husband and father of two boys, two dogs, and we have another child due in June. I am a managing partner at Pritt & Spano, PLLC, which handles criminal, family, and civil law throughout the state. Before starting this firm, I was a senior assistant prosecuting attorney for Kanawha County. I am a GW High School, Concord University, and WVU Law graduate. At Concord, I was a captain on the football team and an all-conference linebacker. My family and I enjoy living in Charleston and participating in all it offers. We enjoy youth sports, boating, and hiking. We also enjoy riding ATVs, fishing, and shooting at our farm in Ravenswood

Charleston Mayor

Lance Wolfe

Charleston Municipal Judge

Anne Charnock

Anne Charnock has served as Charleston’s Municipal Judge since 2010.  She graduated from George Washington High School and earned her bachelors and law degrees from WVU. Judge Charnock practices law at Charnock and Charnock, a firm started by her grandfather and father. She brings her nearly 40 years of legal experience and three terms as Municipal Judge to the courtroom.